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  • Hydroalcoholic surface disinfectant - 5L


    Disinfect surfaces with this hydro-alchoholic solutionAllows to clean and disinfect surfaces, door handles, supermarket trolley, etc. Hydroacloolic solution with 72% ethanol Ideal for recharging a vaporizer

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  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser


    Refillable gel dispenser Product advantages :Tank capacity 900 ml Made of very resistant white ABS plastic Dimensions: 10.5 cm wide x 20 cm high x 9.5 cm deep Refillable tank suitable for all kinds and brands of soap, gel, liquid Easy wall mounting

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  • Multi-purpose cleaner eucalyptus - 5L

    PE SL 50505 NET TOUT E

    Clean your surfaces with a gentle eucalyptus scent Universal cleaning product for all water washable surfacesAppearance: green liquid Odor: eucalypstus Density: 1.1 PH: 10.8 Cold stability 5 ° C Soluble in water in all proportions

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  • Liquid hand soap - 5L


    Save money with this 5L container! Creamy soap for hand washing. Pleasantly scented.Appearance: blue liquid Odor: flowers Density: 1.04 PH: 7 Cold stability: 5 ° C Soluble in water in all proportions.

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  • Deodorant - Aerosol - 300ML

    PE SL 150119 DESO

    Eliminates bad odors with its discreet and pleasant fragrance The air deodorant aerosol brings a feeling of freshness while neutralizing bad smells from cooking, painting, tobacco ...

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  • Maxi center coil - 280m 1 ply cellulose wadding

    PE SL 190210 PAP BOB 280M

    Coil for maxi center distributor Pure cellulose wadding. White toilet paper with 1 ply.

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  • 3-ply toilet paper 150 sheets - 48 rolls

    PE SL 191100 PAP XC 3PLIS

    3-ply rollers for even more comfort 150 coupons of 12cm x 9.6cm - 18 meters - per roll

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  • Brush Coco

    PE SL 180230 BROSSE COCO

    Standard brush 30 or 60cmSweeping brush with coconut fibers. Industrial type flat wood. Very good pickup quality.

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  • Reinforced white squeegee

    PE SL 180940 RACL

    For professional useWith anti-drip Industrial quality raclette Width 45 or 75 cm. White foam. Supplied without handle. Compatible with the 1.40 m handle 24mm diameter Without thread

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  • Wooden handle for squeegee / brush

    PE SL 180600 MANCHE 140CM

    Brush / squeegee compatible Its length of 140cm makes this handle very practical to use.

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  • Multi-purpose cleaner spring - 5L

    PE SL 504075 NET TOUT P

    For a great rendering on your fragile surfaces Powerful multi-purpose degreaser. For all water washable surfaces. Leaves a fresh scent for hours after cleansing.Appearance: red liquid Odor: White flowers Density: 1.020 PH: 7.5 Cold stability 5 ° C Soluble in water in all proportions

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  • Industrial cleaner - 5L

    PE SL 50305 NET IND

    Specially designed to clean all greasy surfaces Alkaline and concentrated cleaner with a composition specially adapted for cleaning floors, vehicles and trucks.Appearance: amber liquid Odor: none Density: 1.115 PH: 13 Cold stability -3 ° C Soluble in water in all proportions Can be used at high pressure

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  • Hand soap with dispenser - 500ml


    Wash your hands with ease Creamy soap for hand washing. Pleasantly scented.Appearance: blue liquid Odor: flowers Density: 1.04 PH: 7 Cold stability: 5 ° C Soluble in water in all proportions.

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  • Dish soap with red vinegar - 1L


    Clean your dishes like a professional Highly concentrated food detergent, specially developed for the professional sector.Appearance: red liquid Odor: Red fruits Density: 1.020 PH: 7 Cold stability 5 ° C Soluble in water in all proportions

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  • WC Cleaner - 750ML


    Descales, deodorizes and sanitizes. Pleasantly scented. Perfect for cleaning showers, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, bidets, ...Appearance: blue gel Odor: almond Density: 1.1 PH: 1.5 Cold stability 5 ° C Yield: + - 75 cuvettes / liter Soluble in water in all proportions

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  • Deodorant - Odor eliminator - 500ML

    PE SL 151700 DESO BONBON

    For deodorizing floors and surfacesComplies with indirect food contact Without rinsing pH: 8 +/- 0.5The deodorant supplements the action of the cleaning products and allows you to obtain a pleasant and fresh scent for several hours.Recommended for the residual deodorization of floors and surfaces in the area of ​​communities.Do not leave a trace.

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  • Box of 20 x 50 white garbage bags 60x60cm 15µ

    PE SL 170502 SAC 60X60

    Save money with this pack of 20 rolls Standard white garbage bag

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  • Box of 10 x 20 gray garbage bags 70x100cm 60µ 100 liters

    PE SL 170200 SAC 70X110

    Reinforced and very resistant trash bag Specially designed for restaurants, hotels, cafes, ... It can withstand heavy loads. Dimension 70 x 100 cm.100 litersGrey color Thickness: 60 µ Width: 700 mm Height: 1000 mm Cardboard packaging: 10 rolls of 20 bags

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  • Box of 10 x 10 gray garbage bags 115x140cm 70µ 240 liters

    PE SL 170402 SAC 115X140

    XXL trash bag Specially designed for restaurants, hotels, cafes, ... It is reinforced and very resistant, can withstand heavy loads.Dimension 115 x 140 cm. 240 liters Grey color Thickness: 70 µ Width: 1150 mm Height: 1400 mm Cardboard packaging: 10 rolls of 10 bags

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  • Microfiber cloth - 40x40cm

    PE SL 162112 MICRO 40X40

    All-purpose microfibersOptimal cleaning performance Thick and good absorption quality Very soft Excellent longevity Uses: all cleaning activities 300 g/m²

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  • Top Silk: microfiber towel - 50x70cm

    PE SL 162123 MICRO 50X70 GRIS

    Microfiber specially designed for glassesSilky microfiber Very absorbent Dries glasses and dishes quickly Lasts a very long time Makes all glass surfaces shine 220 g/m² Individually packed Grey color

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  • Microfiber tea towel - 60x70cm

    PE SL 1615000 TORCH 60X70

    The best of mopsMicrofiber cloths Extra thick, high absorption capacity and long service life Uses: floors, ovens, industrial cleaning, ... 320 g/m² 60x70cm

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  • Maxi center reel paper dispenser

    PE SL 200310 DIST MAX CENT

    Distributor which extracts sheet by sheet for a reduction in consumption The central wire feed dispenser is one of the most widely used devices for washing and drying hands, for example in professional kitchens, medical, dental and physiotherapy clinics. This central unwind paper dispenser can accommodate paper rolls up to 210mm in diameter, allowing...

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  • Maxi WC toilet paper dispenser

    PE SL 200510 DIST MAX WC

    Ideal for high traffic toiletsMade of ABS plastic, it is a compact and sturdy dispenser. Ideal for toilets with heavy traffic. It has a standard Losdi security key, supplied with the product.Paper dispenser with a versatile design, it adapts to any space.It is easy to clean thanks to its curved shapes without sharp edges. Losdi paper dispensers can be...

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