16 Royal Pro Pure Origin Coffee Capsules KENYA


This 100% Arabica coffee comes exclusively from Kenya and more precisely from Kiambu County, whose climate and soil give a flavor marked by aromas of black berries and cocoa. A must for all coffee lovers!
These aluminum-free capsules only work with the Café Royal Pro compact 1L or 3L machine.

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Kiambu County is located in the central highlands of Kenya. It is known for its high quality coffee and tea plantations. There are many theories about the origin of the name of this region. One of them wants it to come from the word “kia mbuu” of the Kikuyu clan, which means something like “land of drizzle”. The regular rainfall combined with a volcanic soil rich in minerals make Kiambu County an ideal region for growing coffee. The Arabica beans which ripen at an altitude of up to 1750 m are among the best in the world. Slow maturation at altitude in a temperate climate allows for a delicate development of aromas, of exceptionally high quality, which appeals to all lovers of petit noir.

Prepared in the form of an espresso, the Kenya Limited Edition produces a creamy coffee, which at the same time develops its chocolate and berry aromas in a particularly pleasant way. Its spicy notes, complemented by harmonious roasting aromas, persist in the mouth and take you on a taste journey through a living country.

The delicate roasting releases the complex aromas of these beans from Kenya. The pleasant acidity beautifully rounds off the sweet taste profile, creating a pleasant and unique coffee.

The Arabica beans of this exceptional coffee grow between 1500 and 1750 meters, in the rainy and sunny region of Kiambu County, in the heart of Kenya. Small local farmers collectively take responsibility for the cultivation and harvesting of the grain, carried out by hand.

This coffee is UTZ certified (for more details click here). UTZ is a sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea, collaborating with existing brands. Farmers are empowered to improve their productivity, product quality and efficiency while taking care of people and the environment. They can then produce higher volumes at lower costs, raising the standard of living of farming communities. Consumers can enjoy their favorite brand while contributing to a sustainable world.