16 MEXICO Pure Origin Royal Pro Coffee capsules


More than a 'pure origin', this 100% Arabica coffee comes from a single plantation similar to a great wine which would come from a single grape variety and a single estate.
These aluminum-free capsules only work with the Café Royal Pro compact 1L or 3L machine.

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An idyllic plantation on a high plateau
The Finca La Puebla plantation is located in the hills of the Eastern Sierra Madre. The beans for Café Royal Pro Mexico La Puebla come exclusively from this plantation in northeastern Mexico. Numerous streams and lagoons cross the 1,800 hectare site, located at a relatively modest altitude of between 500 and 600 meters. The reason: the operation is located near the 21st parallel north. Higher areas would be just too cold to grow coffee there. Our coffee grows thanks to shade trees which regulate the temperature, to the Caribbean winds as well as to frequent rains in ideal climatic conditions.

All the forces united for the harvest
The noble 100% Arabica beans of our coffee, an authentic Single Estate coffee, are picked in mid-November. The hilly landscape makes it impossible to use tractors or other machinery.

A race against time
As it is common in Central America, the cherries in our coffee are washed. The processing of coffee cherries must absolutely be done on the day of harvest so that the beans do not over-ferment. It is a real challenge. Indeed, the quantities are immense during the main harvest: the Finca La Puebla processes up to 250 tons of cherries on peak days. Once processed, the grains rest for two months with their parchment.
During this time, they develop the complex aromas which give Café Royal Pro's Pur Origin Mexico La Puebla its particular taste profile.

In the footsteps of the Aztecs
Notes of chocolate and cocoa characterize the Pur Origin Mexico La Puebla by Café Royal Pro. Interesting point: the Aztecs already cultivated the cocoa tree and made a chocolate drink from the cocoa beans. They called it "cacahuatl" or "cocoa water" in French. For the Aztecs, cocoa beans were as valuable a commodity as gold, silver or precious stones. Traces of the most powerful people of Mexico once can still be seen today, most notably at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

UTZ certified
coffee This coffee is UTZ certified (for more details click here). UTZ is a sustainability program for coffee, cocoa and tea, collaborating with existing brands. Farmers are empowered to improve their productivity, product quality and efficiency while taking care of people and the environment. They can then produce higher volumes at lower costs, raising the standard of living of farming communities. Consumers can enjoy their favorite brand while contributing to a sustainable world.