Creating your visual with the Creator

1. What is the ‘Creator’ graphic design module for?

Our visual design tool allows you to create your own visual in just a few clicks!

You can easily add a background, write text, add images, and/or add shapes.

It’s especially easy to learn how to use, and we are available to help you by chat or phone!

2. How do I use the ‘Creator’ graphic design module?

When you are on a product page, click on the "Next step" button to access the visual management step. You can then choose the ‘Creator’ option to create your visual on-line. Once you’re on the interface, click the help button for a more complete introduction.

3. Which products are available for the Creator?

The Creator can be used with all products that include custom printing.

So, you can even use it on products that are tailor-made. The work area within the Creator will adapt to the measures you have entered.

4. How can I find my images on Vedi-Express?

When you use the Creator, we save all the files you import into it. Go to the "Import" tab to find your files. You can also edit the file or delete it if you no longer need it.

Once your visual is validated, we also save your creation in its entirety. You can find your creations in the "My creations" tab.