The visual

1. Where can I find templates and instructions for my file?

All the information necessary to create files is gathered in this guide.

You will find all the necessary instructions for each product as well as templates in the following formats: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Jpeg.

2. How do I transmit my visual?

For all professional customers who have a file that is ready to print, the most convenient way to order is to directly upload your visual.

This is simple to do: after choosing your package, click on "Next step" on the product page. You then arrive at the visual step, and all you have to do is click on "Import your visual" and choose your file!

Would you prefer to transmit the visual later, because your graphic designer hasn’t finished yet? No problem! in the visual step, select the option "Transfer your visual later".

3. Does VEDI monitor the quality of my file?

Our Pre-printing department will check your visual on the following points:

- Visual measurement
- Technical resolution
- Colorimetry process
- File ripping

And you will be warned if your visual poses any problems.

4. Can I get a press proof before printing is done?

You can add a press proof via this link. If your order contains several visuals and you want a press proof for each of them, you must order as many as there are.

5. I have already placed an order. Can I update my visual?

If you have used the Creator, it is very simple to modify your old visual. Once you’re in the Creator, click on "My creations", where you can then select an old creation and modify its contents.

Your creations can also be accessed from your customer account under the "My designs Creator" tab.

6. Can I make a private library available to my franchise network?

This is absolutely possible! If you want each of your franchisees to the images you have created available to them, we can create a private library for you.

The library can include products and visuals. Interested? Click here to contact us.

7. Can VEDI help me create my visual?

For customers who want it, VEDI offers the option of processing a basic layout or quick modifications by our prepress service. This non-automated service entails a cost in "layout units".

Please contact our sales representatives via chat or phone for more information.