Deodorant - Odor eliminator - 500ML


For deodorizing floors and surfaces

  • Complies with indirect food contact
  • Without rinsing
  • pH: 8 +/- 0.5

The deodorant supplements the action of the cleaning products and allows you to obtain a pleasant and fresh scent for several hours.
Recommended for the residual deodorization of floors and surfaces in the area of ​​communities.
Do not leave a trace.

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Olfactory description:
Fruity. Very concentrated in perfume essences. Candy scent.

Places of use:

  • Schools
  • Buildings
  • Retirement homes
  • Hotels, restaurants

Directions for use:
Shake before use.
Apply without excess to the walls of toilet bowls, toilets, garbage cans, changing rooms, elevators, reception halls, waiting rooms, etc.