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Display selection for advertising at trade fairs and exhibitions.

Exhibitions and professional trade fairs have a very important place in corporate communication.
Did you know that each year, there are 8000 exhibitions, trade fairs and international conferences throughout the world ?

A trade fair is the chance for a company to become instantly visible in that particular market place.
To take part in an exhibition, is to create the opportunity of coming into human, physical, contact with clients, suppliers and partners.
During the course of these meetings, your stand becomes the image of your company. To exhibit is to expose yourself to other companies.
It is therefore essential to carefully prepare both the visual and structural aspects of your stand.
Buying the structure for a stand is also costly.
At a time when each penny counts, it makes sense to spend your resources in the right way.

At VEDI, we want your stand to be a success, we want it to be efficient and we want your budget to be under control.
Also, particular attention will be given to the needs of exhibitors. How are you going to assemble your stand ? How are you going to transport it ?
How will you stock it ? How will you reuse it ?
All these questions will guide you in your choice of structure.

VEDI will accompany you in your projects for exhibitions and trade fairs, whether you opt for a simple roll-up stand or a more sophisticated model.
Ask for our advice and we will help you choose the stand that suits YOU.

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