Delivery time

For VEDI-express, the respect of the delivery time is a priority for 18 years. We know how important it is for you to receive your order on time. That is the reason why we make every effort in our production's organization and in the choice of carriers to respect the promised date.

Delivery time of your product

The date mentioned in the "product" page corresponds to the day when the product will be ready for shipping or pickup.

  • The delivery time is valid if your order is completed.
  • Your order is completed when we have received all the elements needed to start the production of the order (payment of the order, visuals ready for printing in our possession).
  • If your order is not completed, the production time will be calculated again when the order will be completed.
  • If the order contains items with different production time, the "longest" will be applied at the entire order.

Delivery time of your order

The way of delivery is selected at the end of the order. Each choice corresponds to a delivery date.

Main modes of delivery
  • Ex Work : Ex factory. You choose to pick up your order at the factory. The goods can be removed by you in our factory of Gosselies (3 rue Louis Blériot, 6041 Gosselies, Belgium) between 4 pm and 5 pm the given day.
  • Eco : ECO delivery allows you to take advantage of the most economical delivery.
  • Express : The Express delivery offers you the best delivery time.
  • Express Secure : The Express Secure delivery guarantees you the best delivery time with the following insurance: If your package is late, your order is free.
    Your insurance is determined by the fact that the delivery address corresponds to the address you provide us when you have ordered and that someone is present to receive the package between 8 am and 6 pm. The tracking of your order will be the only reference. In the case of late delivery, the customer undertakes to notify VEDI-express in writing within three days, under penalty of invalidation of insurance. No other compensation may be claimed by the client.

Other informations

  • The price of delivery is indicated at the end of the order and before you confirm it. It is based on the delivery location, the weight and the size of your order.

  • VEDI-express selects quality transport companies to ship your parcels on time, in good condition and at a reasonable price. The times indicated are calculated on the commitment of the transport company. In this case, the packages are transported at the risk of the customer and the responsibility of VEDI-express might never exceed the one offered by the carrier (CMR).

  • VEDI-Express reserves the right to change the announced delivery time, in case of out of stock for the ordered products or when you order more than 100 pieces. VEDI-Express reserves the right to change the time announced and will notify the customer as soon as possible. In this case, the customer would have the right not to maintain the order.

  • The delivery date announced takes public holidays into account. Nevertheless, it may happen that days off specifical to some regions may delay the carrier responsible for your parcel.

  • Deliveries in Switzerland lead to customs formalities. The delivery time that we announced for this country includes the time normally necessary for the implementation of these procedures. Nevertheless, it happens in some cases that customs formalities take more time than expected.

Delivery delay (business days without production time)

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Express Express secure Geodis Eco Geodis Express Fly Express





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Great Britain

4d 2d 2d - - -


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Switzerland 4d 3d - 6d 3d -