FAQ Topics
Placing Orders
1. How do I place an order?

To place your order, go to the desired product’s page. Select the options you want and click on "Next step".

Next, you’ll come to the step where you manage the visual product. There are three choices available: importing a visual that is ready to print, creating your visual on-line with our creation interface or transferring your visual later.

Once your items are added to the shopping cart, click "Next". If you have not already done so, you will be asked to create a customer account.

Once your account has been created, you can move on to the address step. This is where you’ll choose the billing and delivery address(es).

Then you will come to the delivery step: here you can choose a carrier and see the expected delivery date and the price for each.

The only thing left is to choose a payment method on the last step: credit card or bank transfer.

2. How do I place the same order again?

Go to your account and click on "Order History and Details". (Or click here)

Next to each order you have placed, you can click "Re-order". The products will then be added to your shopping cart.

Tip: If you use the "Creator" tool when creating your visual, all your past creations will be saved under the "My creations" tab. We also save each imported image under the "Import" tab.

3. When will my order be ready for collection?

Check the status of your order by visiting your account and clicking on "Order History and Details"

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Creating your visual with the Creator
1. What is the ‘Creator’ graphic design module for?

Our visual design tool allows you to create your own visual in just a few clicks!

You can easily add a background, write text, add images, and/or add shapes.

It’s especially easy to learn how to use, and we are available to help you by chat or phone!

2. How do I use the ‘Creator’ graphic design module?

When you are on a product page, click on the "Next step" button to access the visual management step. You can then choose the ‘Creator’ option to create your visual on-line. Once you’re on the interface, click the help button for a more complete introduction.

3. Which products are available for the Creator?

The Creator can be used with all products that include custom printing.

So, you can even use it on products that are tailor-made. The work area within the Creator will adapt to the measures you have entered.

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1. How can I find out shipping costs? Can they be avoided?

To calculate shipping costs, our website needs the following information: your shopping cart contents and the shipping address.

Go to your shopping cart and click on “Next” when it is complete. If you have not already done so, you will be asked to create a customer account. You will then be able to enter a delivery address.

The next step is to choose a carrier: you will then see the price and the expected delivery time. If you do not wish to pay a delivery fee, it is possible to pick up your parcel directly from the factory: rue Blériot 9, 6041 Gosselies (Belgium) from 4:00 pm.

2. When will my order be delivered?

A first estimate is given when you go to the delivery step in your shopping cart. Once your order has been placed, you can track its status by going to your account and then clicking on "Order History and Details".

3. Is it possible to get delivery outside the European Union?

VEDI ensures delivery both inside and outside the European Union. Most countries are mentioned in the list of countries where delivery is available.

All sales are made according to Incoterm DDU, and it is your responsibility to pay any import duties.

VEDI provides the customs documents and codes required for importation into the country of your choice.

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The visual
1. Where can I find templates and instructions for my file?

All the information necessary to create files is gathered in this guide.

You will find all the necessary instructions for each product as well as templates in the following formats: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Jpeg.

2. How do I transmit my visual?

For all professional customers who have a file that is ready to print, the most convenient way to order is to directly upload your visual.

This is simple to do: after choosing your package, click on "Next step" on the product page. You then arrive at the visual step, and all you have to do is click on "Import your visual" and choose your file!

Would you prefer to transmit the visual later, because your graphic designer hasn’t finished yet? No problem! in the visual step, select the option "Transfer your visual later".

3. Does VEDI monitor the quality of my file?

Our Pre-printing department will check your visual on the following points:

- Visual measurement
- Technical resolution
- Colorimetry process
- File ripping

And you will be warned if your visual poses any problems.

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1. How do I change the billing adress of an order that has been placed?

You’ll need to place the order again, choose the method of payment by bank transfer, and send an email to finance@vedi-express.info.

The VEDI accounting department will then contact you.

2. How do I get a duplicate invoice?

Simply go to your order history in your account. If you are already logged into your account, you can access it directly via this link. You will then find all your past orders with the option to download the invoice for each order.

3. Can I get an invoice before making payment by bank transfer?

To get an invoice, you just have to follow the same process as when placing an order, except at the payment step, you will select " Transform the shopping cart into pro forma (offer)".

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1.What guarantees do I have at Vedi-Express?

Vedi-Express guarantees its devices against manufacturing defects under normal use.

Vedi-Express guarantees the color-holding of printed images for 2 years

Vedi-Express undertakes to treat each warranty intervention request in a friendly manner by means of the attached form (https://www.vedi-express.com/en/content/86-Claim) and to give complete response within 24 working hours.

2. How do I file a complaint?

You can submit your request for help using this online form. It allows you to communicate all the useful and necessary information for us to effectively process your complaint.

Sometimes we may request a photo. The purpose of this photo is exclusively to enable our service department to understand the exact nature of the problem you have encountered, so we can help you as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

We are committed to processing your claim within 24 business hours.

Les listes d'achats
1.Where are my shopping lists located?

They can be found in the "my account" area. Just click on your name in the top bar, next to the cart.

2.How do shopping lists work?

Navigate the site and find the product you want to add, all you have to do is click on the heart.

You have the choice to make this addition from the category page or from the product sheet.

You will then find your favorite products in your lists, directly from your account.

3.How do I turn my shopping lists into a personalized catalog?

You just have to go to your account. Then check the lists you want to print.
Click on "Print my catalog" and you will receive a pdf file instantly!