Who are we?

Identity record : VEDI

  • Founded : 1994 (25 years of experience)
  • Number of employees: 35
  • Inventions : 3 patents (certified TÜV)
  • Factory area: 5.500m²
  • Production time : 2-3 jours (main products)
  • Number of customers: more than 30.000
  • Languages : french- dutch- english
  • Main catchment area: Western Europe

Why choose VEDI?

VEDI shares 25 years of experience with you

VEDI has been helping companies to communicate through giant printed pictures since 1994. We share our experience through expert advices, explanatory videos, and complete descriptions.

Complete product lines that cover all large format printing

VEDI offers a full range of large format printing products: roller banner, popup stand, signboard, flag, sticker, textile frame, flying banner,...

Custom orders with custom sizes

We produce to your measurements: set the size to the nearest centimeter and we'll print it! You can also chose the material, finish and packing mode. Our banner generator allows you an infinity of possibilities!

Customer satisfaction at the center of our concerns

We transparently display our customer reviews through Verified Reviews.

We also have an efficient after-sales service that always seeks to find the best solution for our customers.

You are at the producer

VEDI is a 5500 m² production site in Belgium with more than 30 large format printing and finishing machines, and a stock of over 10,000 devices

Create your visual for 0 €

The creator is available for all products and allows the customer to create their visual online simply and quickly. The resolutions of the imported images are checked according to the size of printing. One can insert text, images, forms,... in short it is a tool of complete creation!

Experts at your service

To help you in your choices, present the solutions available for your project or explain the operation of the site, our consultants are there for you. They are available on weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm to answer all your questions:
(FR) +33 1 70 61 30 55 - (BE) +32 (0) 71 25 85 81 - (LU) +352 20 30 15 72

VEDI it's...

Production site :
VTS s.a, membre of the VEDI group
Rue Louis Blériot, 9
6041 Gosselies

Tel: +32 71 25 85 81

Liaison office in Luxembourg:

Rue Glesener 11,
1630 Luxembourg

Tel : +352 20 30 15 72
Fax : + 352 26 10 80 61

Liaison office in Switzerland :

Rue de la Péroua, 31
1997 Haute-Nendaz