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69,000 supplies and a custom printing service

Proximity at the service of professionals.

VEDI specializes in the sale of business supplies and custom printing for professionals. With a diverse assortment of over 69,000 supplies and exceptional printing services, our ambition is to provide you with quality products accompanied by exceptional customer service.

The VEDI Promise: It's Done!

At the heart of the VEDI promise, efficiency is an absolute priority. "It's done!" is not just a slogan; it is the guarantee of our commitment to carry out your requests with efficiency and precision. Our process is designed to ensure an exceptional customer experience, where each action reflects our desire to exceed your expectations.

An Intuitive Ordering Site

Our e-commerce platform is designed for fast and efficient product searches, ensuring you find what you need in just a few clicks.

Optimized for Professionals

Our ordering process is designed to be clear and fluid, with features such as payment upon invoice for greater financial flexibility, speeding up the transition from product selection to reception.

Proactive Team

Our dedicated team is engaged at every step of your order, ensuring that each detail meets your expectations for an optimal customer experience.

Support Before and After Purchase

Customer support is available to guide and resolve all your needs and questions, whether before or after your order.

Reactive Claim Service

All claims are processed within 24 hours, affirming our determination to maintain customer trust and loyalty.

Simplified Regular Orders

With our smart shopping list system, you can place your orders with just a click of the fingers. More than just a time saver, it's the guarantee of an optimized shopping experience at every visit.

VEDI's Magic Potion: Customization

You are at the ideal partner for all your communication supports.

From personalized pens to a custom-sized giant banner installed over the facade of your point of sale, you will find at VEDI more than 9,000 communication products of which many are printed with your identity and image in our factory in Gosselies.

An optimized order management process:

Ordering your prints is child's play

Our simplified interface ensures a quick and hassle-free order, providing an optimal customer experience from the start.

Design your supports to measure

Thanks to our custom generator, you choose the support, the finish, the exact size of your posters, banners, flags, stickers, panels...

Create your visual online for free

You have at your disposal CREATOR, the online tool to create attractive and effective designs that perfectly convey your message. Of course, we rigorously inspect each visual to ensure it meets our high standards.

Printing, Cutting & Finishing

Thanks to our high-quality printing machines, you receive crisp prints with meticulous finishes.

Secure Packaging

Your orders are packed with care for optimal protection during transport and perfect reception.

Visit our site, Assembly & Guarantee

Our services extend beyond printing, including site visits for surveying and assembly. We also provide a guarantee for each of our products and services.

The relationship with our clients and partners, the heart of our success.


The commitment of an entire team.

A specific request? A particular product? We are here for you. Our team is committed to finding the most suitable solutions for your unique requirements, combining passion and expertise for a response that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our pride, the satisfaction of our clients.

3000+ certified reviews, an average score of 92%, the trust of our clients for over 30 years.

"Once again, more than satisfied with the execution, the follow-up, and the deadlines met. Truly PROFESSIONAL. I no longer question who to go to for printing our POS advertising! Thank you for the quality of service: we're dealing with real people who care!"


"I am very satisfied with my order. It's the first time I've used Vedi, and definitely not the last. The products are of quality, and the people are very efficient and responsive to requests. Email responses are quick and precise. The delivery was also quick. And the prices are advantageous. I recommend without hesitation."


"Easy ordering on the site, correct pricing, quality products and if you add to that a friendly team always ready to answer questions. In short, we recommend. The delivery to Luxembourg went well thanks to the involvement of the collaborators who followed up with the delivery person."


The values that guide all our actions

Our values are the reflection of our identity and guide each of our actions at VEDI. They embody our aspiration to better serve our clients, to value local talents, to contribute positively to our community and the environment.

1. Fighting Spirit

In a globalized context in which the giants of e-commerce dominate, VEDI positions itself as a resistant entity close to you, ready to meet a variety of demands with unfailing determination.

2. Efficient

Our goal is to save you precious time. By optimizing every aspect of our service, we ensure that your shopping experience is quick, smooth, and hassle-free.

3. Local

We believe in the richness of local talent. By working with local actors, we help to energize the local economy while offering products and services of high quality.

4. Committed

Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions. By actively contributing to the regional economy, we play a constructive role in the sustainable development of our community.

5. Nature

Preserving the environment is at the heart of our actions. Our eco-friendly printing processes and our approach to reducing our ecological footprint are testament to our commitment to nature.

6. Humanist

We cultivate a humanistic approach that goes beyond commerce, seeking to create significant added value for our clients and the community, placing human values at the heart of our approach.

The story of two passionate friends

Since our establishment in 1994, VEDI has experienced an enriching journey. We started as artisans and, over the years, have evolved into e-commerce, but we never lost our soul as a merchant close to you. Each chapter of our history reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our story is not only a testimony but also a source of inspiration to continue serving you with passion and professionalism.

A production site close to you.

Our infrastructure, anchored in the heart of Europe in Belgium, is a point of proximity. This strategic location allows us to react quickly and maintain a close relationship with our clients, guaranteeing fast execution and direct interaction for each project.

30 years

Since our creation in 1994, we have accumulated over a quarter of a century of experience, allowing us to master the evolving needs of our clients and to stay at the forefront of sector trends.


With a customer satisfaction rate of 92%, the figures speak for themselves. At Vedi, customer satisfaction is at the core of our concerns and we continuously strive to exceed their expectations.


Our vast factory area of 5,500m² demonstrates our capacity to manage large-scale orders while ensuring efficient production and respected delivery times.

30.000 parcels

With over 30,000 parcels shipped annually, we can proudly say that our logistics are well established and ready to respond to constantly evolving demand.

25 teammates

At the heart of our company, our teammates are the true craftsmen of your satisfaction. Each member of the team brings their expertise to the table through our collaborative effort. This synergy allows us to offer you tailor-made support at each stage of your project.

69.000 references

With a rich catalog of 69,000 product references, we position ourselves as a privileged supplier capable of responding to an extremely large range of professional needs. Each reference is carefully selected, ensuring a diversified and quality offer while simplifying the supply of office supplies and equipment for professionals.


Our ESG Commitment

Environmental, Social, and Governance

At VEDI, the Green Pact is not just a question of ecology, but a global objective. This concerns the environment, the employees as well as the sustainable management of the company. In this sense, we make sure that all the parameters of the ESG commitment are Green.


253% of Our Electric Consumption Produced

Thanks to the installation of 2000 m² of photovoltaic panels on our roof, we now produce 253% of our electrical consumption, an achievement that far exceeds our internal needs. This excess production is fed back into the network, thus providing a more vibrant energy for the community. This initiative underscores our deep commitment to the environment and our active role in the energy transition.

Our commitment to the environment is anchored in our values and manifests itself through several concrete actions:

Eco-friendly Inks

We use printers with eco-friendly inks, significantly reducing our ecological footprint.

Eco-labelled Products

A dedicated tab on our site allows customers to easily select from our range of certified ecological products.

Recycled Materials

We offer a wide range of recycled and recyclable products, including PET tarps, polypropylene panels, as well as cardboard and paper.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Our preference is for packaging in cardboard and paper, thus minimizing overpackaging for effective waste reduction.

Enhancement and Recycling

We have established a valorization chain for materials that are difficult to recycle, such as PVC and polyester, as well as channels for recycling and enhancing materials like cardboard, paper, steel, and other metals.

Adaptability and Durability

We respect the specific demands of our customers in terms of durability, integrating flexibility that meets their needs while remaining faithful to our environmental commitments.

Your questions, our answers, our commitment.

Discover who we are and what sets us apart through our identity and our commitments.

VEDI is a company created in 1994 by two people from Charleroi: Eric Hoffelinck and Matthieu Vanham, in 1994. Today a team of 25 dedicated experts work tirelessly to respond to your needs.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and to respecting delivery deadlines. We also value transparent communication and personalized follow-up at each stage of your order.

We have filed several patents and obtained TÜV certifications, particularly for the OVIO & OVIO Light system, reflecting our commitment to innovation and quality.

We prioritize eco-responsible practices such as the use of eco-friendly inks, the recycling of materials, and the offering of recycled and recyclable products. Moreover, we have a 2000 m² photovoltaic installation for maximum electrical autonomy.

Our factory is located in Gosselies in Belgium, with a surface area of 5,500m², allowing us to ensure efficient production and quick delivery times.

We mainly operate in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Switzerland, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining proximity with our clientele.

Résonance Médiatique et Actualités

Notre trajectoire et nos initiatives captent fréquemment l'attention des médias, mettant en lumière notre influence dans l'industrie et notre implication locale. Ces mentions dans la presse enrichissent notre histoire, témoignent de notre engagement envers l'innovation et attestent de notre service dévoué et sincère envers nos clients.

Do you have questions or need specific research?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. Our team remains at your disposal to help and guide you. Contact us directly and one of our collaborators will respond to you in the shortest possible time.


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