Who are we ?

Identity record : VEDI

  • Founded : 1994 (22 years of experience)
  • Number of employees: 26
  • Inventions : 3 patents (certifiedTÜV)

  • Nature of business: large format custom printing
  • Products : printed communication materials
  • Factory area: 2.500m²
  • Production machines: 13

  • Production time : 2-3 days(main products)
  • Number of customers: more than 15.000
  • Languages : french - dutch - english
  • Customer satisfaction rate: 96% (2015)
  • Main catchment area: Western Europe

Our values

√ Customer satisfaction

√ Tailor-made production

√ Think big

√ Innovating for the future

√ Delivering on our promise

The VEDI group is a professional of communication through large format custom printing.

Established in Luxembourg and Belgium, we are specialized in HD digital printing of custom banners, roller banners, flying banners, promotional materials and more.

Looking for a communication material ? We have what you need!

Concerned about the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, we are constantly looking into new ways to develop and offer new products to best meet the needs of the market.

We offer quality products, and we choose our suppliers for their expertise. With our 13 machines at the forefront of innovation, we guarantee colorful and high quality printings. All orders are carefully checked before being sent!

At Vedi, ponctuality is essential. We make sure that every order is made in due time and is delivered in an impeccable state. To do this, we have handpicked reputable partners for their commitment and seriousness.

After 22 years of experience, nous currently operate in over 14 European countries but also in the United States and New-Zealand.

Headquarters :

VEDI is a division of Becket s.a.

Route des 3 cantons 11
L - 8399 Windhof

Fax : + 352 261 08 061

Production site (Address for collection of the goods):

c/o VTS s.a
Rue Louis Blériot 9
B - 6041 Gosselies

Tél: +32 (0)71 25 85 80

Access map: 
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