Paying for your order

1. Choosing the means of payment

To select a means of payment, all you have to do is activate the appropriate option in the “means of payment” section.

The following options are currently available:

2. Ogone - Secure payments

2.1 - By Bank Card

This is the quickest, cheapest and most secure means of payment. In this regard, please read the 3D secure comment before making payment online.

Cards accepted
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Bancontact

If you experience any difficulties making payment using your card, please note that we can also register payments by Carte Bleue and Mastercard by telephone on + 32 71 25 85 80.

2.2 - By direct banking

You will be in front of your bank’s usual homebanking screen.

Direct banking
  • ING Homepay
  • Decia Direct Net (method temporarily suspended)

2.3 - 3D Secure

  1. In order to prevent fraud, most banks (but not yet all of them) have decided to adopt the “3D SECURE” method with the cards that they have issued (both credit cards such as VISA, and direct banking).
  2. This additional security means that, when paying for their orders, buyers must have within easy reach:

You need:
  • The payment card
  • The card's PIN code
  • The code validation calculator provided by the issuing bank

3. Bank transfer

3.1 - Bank account details

VEDI, a division of VTS s.a. - Rue Blériot, 9 - B 6041 Gosselies - Belgique
IBAN: BE29 0015 5059 0264             

3.2 - Impact on production times

For orders paid for by “bank transfer”, production will start on the next working day after receipt by us of all the elements needed for production to start (full payment for the order received by us, visuals ready to be printed in our possession). The estimated, non-contractual time is to be calculated in accordance with the same rule.

4. Invoice at 30 days

If you want to pay against an invoice after delivery, you must first of all register and submit an application to our account department. This possibility is linked to your user profile and is only visible once we have parameterized your account to that effect.

4.1 - Procedure

1) Register (create your account) on the site. This provides us with your complete contact details, place of delivery etc.

2) Inform us of your request to pay against an invoice, by a message to our accounts department.

3) If the credit opinion authorises this means of payment, we will parameterize your account to enable you to choose the “Invoice at 30 days” option when placing your order.

4) We inform you of the change.

4.2 - Criteria

This possibility is granted on the basis of the credit opinion issued by an independent credit organisation. Depending on the circumstances, this means of payment may be subject to the provision of a guarantee.

4.3 - Issuance of the invoice

The choice of this means of payment at the end of the order will automatically trigger the printing of the invoice. You will be able to download your invoice immediately.

4.4 - Cancellation

We reserve the right to deactivate this means of payment at any time, without any need to justify our reason to you.