General terms of sale

Seller’s identification

VEDI-express, franchise détenue par VTS sa
Rue Louis Blériot, 3
6041 Gosselies (Belgique)
TVA : BE 452 537 365
Tel : +32 71 25 85 81

  1. General observations
  2. Prices
  3. Ordering
  4. Payment
  5. Delivery
  6. Intellectual Property
  7. Complaints


« The seller » is understood to be the abovementioned company.

« The purchaser » is understood to be any natural person or legal entity that places an order via this site.

1. General observations

Sales via this site shall be governed solely by these general terms of sale which shall apply to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions, including those shown on order forms issued by the purchaser. Any reference to the purchaser’s order forms in the invoice or other documents is intended solely for the client’s ease of reference. Such a reference may in no event be interpreted as tacit acceptance of any general terms of purchase. Unless expressly agreed in writing by VEDI, any comments entered by the client when placing an order online, are excluded from the scope of the contract.

The seller reserves the right to amend these general terms of sale at any time. Nevertheless, the general terms of sale in force at the time a sale is concluded shall continue to apply to that order.

The photos, illustrations, colours and text relative to the products reproduced on this site are not contractually binding and accordingly the seller shall have no liability in this regard.

The brands "Bilite" and "Ovio" are brands registered by Becket sa.

Users of the site declare that they are familiar with the Internet and understand its limits and in particular its functional characteristics and technical performance, risks of disruption, the response time for consulting, checking or transferring information and, more generally, all risks inherent in any connection to the Internet.

2. Prices

  • All our prices are quoted exclusive of taxes in euros.
  • The selling prices of the products on this site are those indicated at the time the order is placed.
  • Our prices are calculated on the basis of the delivery by the client of professional quality computer files. Unless specifically stipulated otherwise in this document, the costs relating to layout, digitisation or any other prepress work shall be considered as a paid service, which shall be invoiced at EUR 80.00 (exclusive of VAT) per hour.
  • Unless notified otherwise, the prices of our products do not include delivery charges, which are calculated at the end of the ordering process as a supplement depending on the destination and/or the means of delivery chosen.
  • Where orders are assembled by VEDI, the price of the installation of the image is calculated on the basis of a system designed and installed in accordance with the safety standards used by VEDI. If the client requires the application of different standards or wants to change the work to be carried out from that planned by VEDI, the latter may either adapt the price of the contract to the changes required or cancel the contract. In both cases, the client shall reimburse any costs incurred by VEDI.

3. Ordering

  • When registering your order, you must provide precise and exact data, in particular as regards the name of the recipient of the order, information concerning VAT, the delivery address and the e-mail address where an order confirmation can be sent.
  • If an order is cancelled by the client, the latter shall pay an amount corresponding to the costs already incurred, together with compensation amounting to 15% of the amount of the order, in accordance with article 1794 of the Civil Code.
  • The right to cancel/return without penalty does not apply to products printed by Vedi-Express because these products are made to measure and obviously personalised.

 As a rule, current orders cannot be modified. However, the production department may sometimes exceptionally accept minor changes if the production process is not too advanced. Only change requests sent to will be taken into account (you MUST specify the relevant order number). You will receive an answer no later than the next working day.

4. Payment

You will find details of the different means of payment authorised and their impact on production times on the Bank account page.

The invoice will be issued in the name of the invoicing company indicated when the order is placed. It is the client’s responsibility to indicate clearly and accurately the name, address and VAT number of the invoicing company during the ordering process.

If the name of the invoicing company is changed after the order has been placed, an additional 25.00 EUR exclusive of tax, will be invoiced, for administrative costs. Clients that request an intra-Community delivery or want to benefit from a reduced VAT rate must provide all necessary supporting documents.

The client undertakes to provide the visuals needed for the production of its images within 30 working days after the date of the order. If, 30 days after its acceptance, an order cannot be filled because of a delay by the client, the said order shall nevertheless be invoiced. If applicable, the invoice shall be payable without waiting for production.

All goods delivered shall remain the seller’s property until the purchaser has paid for them in full. The purchaser shall, however, bear all risks of loss, damage or destruction of goods delivered, from the time they leave our site.

5. Delivery

  • Except for orders governed by the Express Secure contract, which offers a specific delivery guarantee in exchange for a higher price, delivery times are always given for indication purposes and may in no event be considered as contractually binding. They are expressed as working days in Belgium. By “working days”, we mean days when VEDI is open for business (from Monday to Friday except public holidays in Belgium and except VEDI closing days).
  • Clients are free to choose their carrier or collect the goods themselves. In choosing the transport option, the client validates the choice of carrier made by VTS and agrees, as a result, to limit the liability of VTS to the carrier’s liability to VTS. VEDI-express selects quality transport companies to ship your parcels on time, in good condition and at a reasonable price. However, the parcels are transported at the risk of the client and the liability of VEDI-express may never exceed that of the carrier.
  • In most cases, you will automatically receive the tracking number of your package at the time of collection by the carrier. In all cases, if a problem arises, VEDI-express will provide you the contact details of the carrier and a copy of the bill of lading if you request it.
  • Clients that wish to organise their own transport should simply choose the delivery option “EXW (BE)” when ordering and then send the carrier selected by them to collect the order. Clients should ensure that they communicate their order number to their carrier.
  • When VEDI undertakes to install the images on location, assembling operations are always subject to postponement without the payment of any compensation should VEDI consider that the weather forecast or conditions would make it dangerous to carry out the work. Similarly, if the scheduled assembly date needs to be changed for reasons beyond the control of VEDI, a new date shall be fixed strictly according to the availability of the VEDI technical team, without necessarily any reference to a fixed number of days.
  • The seller’s liability shall at all times be limited to replacing the image. In the event of late delivery, the seller’s liability shall be limited to lump-sum compensation of 150 euros or to the amount of the actual loss suffered by the customer if the latter is less than 150 euros.

6. Intellectual Property

  • The client warrants that he/she/it owns all the intellectual property rights to the elements (visuals, logo, slogans, etc.) which he/she/it transmits to us and which are necessary for the reproduction of the image, and that he/she/it holds any authorisations required for its use. The client shall be solely liable for the payment of any taxes that may be generated by the implementation of his/her/its project.

7. Complaints

To file a complaint, please click here and fill the complaint form. Beforehand, gather also the following elements :

• a short description of the problem;

• the relevant order number;

• pictures if problem can be showed.

Complaints concerning incomplete orders or apparent defects must be submitted to VEDI no later than 3 days after receipt of the goods.
This implies that the customer unpacks the products and checks their quality, including the quality of the printing within the period of 3 days.
To be admissible, calls for guarantee must be communicated to VEDI using the form accessible here and accompanied by photos illustrating the problem encountered.
After this deadline, VEDI reserves the right to consider the complaint to be inadmissible.

VEDI undertakes to treat any complaint duly filed via the appropriate form within 24 working days from receipt.

Note: for transportation issues, please send your complaint directly to the responsible carrier.

Any defects affecting part of the delivered goods shall not entitle the client to submit a claim in respect of the whole delivery. Thus, a slight difference of colour shall not be considered as a defect. Similarly, differences of colour in comparison with a previous order printed by VEDI shall not be considered as a defect because of the technical constraints inherent in printing processes.

Belgium and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Charleroi.