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Flying Banner

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Beach Flag, Flying Banner, drop flags, wingflags, Wind flag, ... There are many ways to call one of the most effictive advertising display ever created

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  • Feather Flag


    A large format flying banner. This feather flag, also known as wind flag, beach flag or advertising flag, is a large feather flag that can be seen from far away, both in an indoor and outdoor environment. The feather flag model includes:An HD print of your choice: FRONT (reverse side visible by transparency) or DOUBLE-SIDED (including 2 prints) A...

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  • High Strength Flying Banner


    The foolproof flying banner Bigger and tougher. This new flying banner allows you to communicate even by high winds.We developped the best flying banner on the market for you:High strength pole in aluminum with fiberglass upper Higher and wider flags One-sided or two-sided printing Ultra stable base Reinforced transport bag Attractive volume discounts

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  • Flags only


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  • Rectangular Flag


    A rectangular banner flag M - 4m for indoor and outdoor use. With a height of 3m90 (excluding ground base), this rectangular flag, also called wind flag, beach flag or advertising flag, allows dynamic communication: either indoor at fairs, exhibitions or shows, or outdoor for events such as POS or sports, or simply indicate the location of your company or...

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  • Tear Drop Flag


    This tear drop flying banner is an attractive advertising wind flag impossible to miss. Known also as beach flag, flag drop, this tear drop flag M - 3,5m is mainly installed outdoor on a beach, parking, during marketing or sports event. But it can also be used indoor, in a hall, a train station, a shopping mall to better signal your presence. This tear...

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  • Feather Flag XS - 2m


    A cheap feather flag for indoor use Also called beach flag, wind flag, or advertising flag, the feather flag XS - 2m is very money saving and attracts the public eye by adding relief to your environment. This trapezoidal XS model is an ideal POS ad with exceptional rendering in terms of colors and contrasts. This XS model includes:a front hd printing by...

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  • Poles Line (without flag)


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  • Ground bases


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  • Flagpoles

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Draw the public attention thanks to your splendid colour ! 

The advertising flag, also called Beach flag, is used outside as an eye-catcher.

Inside, it becomes very useful to differentiate yourself from the competition during a trade show, or simply to promote a product or a brand in your showroom.

Choose now between our 10 different models of advertising flag, or set up your own tailor made flag!