48 Café Royal Pro LUNGO FORTE capsules


These aluminum-free capsules are to be used exclusively with Café Royal Pro® machines.

A powerful, tasty and long-lasting Lungo Forte made from 100% arabica grains.

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Premium Arabica beans from Central and South America give the coffee its refined acidity. From the union with the powerful body brought by the Asian robusta is born a deliciously intense taste experience in a large cup.

Thanks to a special dark roasting, spicy earthy aromas develop, perfectly balanced by the fineness of the grind.

This extremely rich coffee is characterized by persistent roasting aromas and pleasant tobacco notes. Subtle acidity and a medium body highlight the richness of this coffee.

We pay special attention to the selection of our coffee beans by purchasing from the best producers in the world. We also take care to promote sustainable development and fair trade, so all our coffees are UTZ or Fairtrade / Max Havelaar certified. All our coffees have been roasted in Switzerland in Basel for over 60 years.

This product is UTZ certified, which guarantees its traceability from the original plantation.