European production (Belgium)

VEDI Garantie

The images are printed in our factory in Belgium.
All devices are assembled and tested in our factory in Belgium.

VEDI undertakes to respect several fundamental points to offer you reliability and quality.

We are committed to ensuring that your project is in good hands, that the production and printing of your order is a priority. This to ensure a fast and serious delivery.

High availability of products

VEDI Garantie

With a storage space of 6.000m² and more than 10.000 devices in stock permanently, you get a power output capable to quicly satisfy orders of large volumes.

High definition print quality

VEDI Garantie

The prints are made using the latest generation of machines, with UV-resistant inks.
The respect of the colors is guaranteed thanks to the colorimetric calibration of each machine.

Effective after-sales service

VEDI Garantie

All our devices are warranted for normal use and reasonable service life. Until today, the complaint rate registered by our services is less than 1.5% of the orders delivered. 96% of the requests for replacement are satisfied within 72 hours.

Attention, any complaint about the quality of printing or relating to a consequent damage to the transport must be signaled to us within 3 days from the reception of the goods.

Order tracking at each step

VEDI Garantie

From the moment you place your order, you receive a message at each stage of its production and shipping.
To ensure you receive order tracking emails, we advise you to add the domain "" to the list of trusted senders.

Fast delivery time

VEDI Garantie

At VEDI, respecting the delivery time has been a priority for 25 years. We know how important it is for you to receive your order on time.
That's why we do everything we can to optimize our production. We also pick our carriers carefully so that the promised date is respected.

See the delivery time

Serious and reliable delivery service

VEDI Garantie

The deliverers and carriers to whom we entrust the delivery of your orders are first class companies. In most cases, when your order is shipped, you receive your tracking number that allows you to know at any time where your delivery is.

Exception: the tracking number is not automatically transmitted for express orders and non-standard parcels. VEDI-express will provide you with the carrier's details and the copy of the order form if needed.