UVEC: UV-C disinfectant cabinet


UVEC: Disinfect your masks, smartphones or any other objects thanks to UV-C rays

The lamps in the box emit short wave UV radiation with a peak at 253.7 nm (UV-C) for a germicidal action.
The box has been studied to ensure a dose of at least 1 J / cm², which on N95 type respiratory masks shows an inactivation of viral particles greater than 99.9%.

The recommended exposure time for 99.9% decontamination by this box is 11 minutes for UVEC72 and 7 minutes for UVEC144 and 424. An integrated timer allows you to easily choose the desired exposure time .

To disinfect your objects, simply place them on the grid inside the box.

The safety devices integrated into the UVEC devices prevent any external radiation. As soon as the cabinet is opened, the lamps are automatically switched off.

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  • 72 Watts - 267 - Small objects
  • 144 Watts - 424 - Medium objects
  • 424 Watts - 1025 - Clothes

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72 W:
  • Width: 54 cm
  • Height: 76 cm
  • Depth: 65 cm
  • Recommended exposure time 11 minutes

144 W:
  • Width: 64 cm
  • Height: 92 cm
  • Depth: 72 cm
  • Recommended exposure time 7 minutes

424 W:
  • Width: 64 cm
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Depth: 92 cm
  • Recommended exposure time 7 minutes