Deckchair / Director's chair


A 100% customizable deckchair or director's chair 

Ideal for your events on terraces, festivals, exhibitions,... It'll help you decorate all your marketing events!
  • Customizable textile fabric
  • Made of solid wood
  • Easy assembly
  • Withstands more than 120 kg
  • Washable fabric

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  • Deckchair
  • Director's chair
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2 80,19 € Up to37,62 €
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More info

Dimensions and weight of the mounted device :

  • Director's chair: 90x50x18cm - 4.2kg
  • Deckchair: 121x57x6cm - 3.8kg

Dimensions and weight of the packaged device:

  • Director's chair: 92x52x38cm - 4.3kg
  • Deckchair: 125x65x14cm - 3.9kg
Untreated wood.

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