1. Prices

 The prices quoted on this site are exclusive of VAT. 

2. Calculation of VAT

The calculation of the VAT percentage to be applied depends, on the one hand, on the country of DELIVERY (delivery address in your order) and, on the other hand, on the validity of the Intra-community VAT number indicated by you in your INVOICING address.

If you do not indicate a valid VAT number in the invoicing address you will be considered as not subject to VAT.

3. Problem entering your VAT number

VAT numbers are checked interactively via a European database of valid numbers.

In order to be valid, a number must be entered in the form "Country Code + VAT number without dots or spaces"


  • 456 123 890 (WRONG)
  • 0456123890 (WRONG)
  • BE456123890 (WRONG)
  • BE0456.123.890 (WRONG)
  • BE0456123890 (OK)

The checking service may be unavailable or a number, despite being right, may not be recognised as such. 

Procedure to follow in such cases:

1) Register without entering a VAT number

2) Once registered, click "My addresses" in the "My account" block in the left-hand column of your screen

3) Then click "Update" below the invoicing address

4) Enter your VAT number in the ad-hoc area (it will then be checked manually by our services)

If you have any problems or suggestions concerning this site, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster via the "Contact