Structure Curved Pop Up 3X3


Curved Umbrella Stand 3x3 (without image).

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More info

Popup Umbrella Stand - 3 x 3 (structure only).

Curved Umbrella Stand 3x3 with carrying case included (without image). Simple and rapid installation (1 person, 10 minutes). Easy to transport thanks to the trolley type carrying case.

Technical specification:

Assembled dimensions:  260x222x66cm (base x height x depth).

Packed dimensions: 100x72x42cm.

Accessories included: 1 hard carrying case with wheels (can be used as a desk with the "Pop Up Desk Worktop” and the "Pop Up Desk Image”).

The standard carrying case is supplied without image and without worktop. For a personalised carrying case, choose the “Pop Up Desk Image” optional accessory. To use the carrying case as a desk choose the “Pop Up Desk Worktop” accessory.

Dimensions of the image (not included): 338 x 222 cm (base x height) – divided into 5 vertical elements each with a base of 67.5cm x height of 222cm with magnetic fixing kit (please consult the prepress technical sheet for the composition).

Net weight: 28 kg.